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Abbotswood Park Pharmacy

Size: 132 sq mts
Timescale: 5 weeks
Scope of works
Full Refit
Dispensing Robot
Shopfront with Auto door
Mains sign fascia
Metal shelving
Consultation rooms
DDA Toilet

Client Background

The Mehta family has been loyal clients of Rapeed Design for more than a decade so when they acquired a new premise they called upon the trusted team to work with them to create a new innovative space in Abbotsford Park, Watford. The brief was to include a dispensing robot and to harness the most recent and cutting edge technology to add value to the local health service and the community.

Points of note

Service based delivery, localism, and customer service are the core values of Abbotswood Park Pharmacy. With more than 30 years of experience within the pharmacy industry and with an agenda to implement technology to enhance and improve its pharmacy offering the Mehta family knew what they wanted to achieve. The only question they had was how?

With a site secured and a decision to install a robotic dispensing system the final design and floor plan became key factors in this pharmacy design installation. On the opening day, Ms. Mehta said, ‘the robot represents significant investment in the future healthcare or the community of Watford, as well as safety and efficiency for patients.” In line with the pharmacy’s local values the family asked a nearby school to name the robot and it was given the name ‘Flash’ at the opening ceremony.

To enhance service delivery it also became vital to add two consultation rooms and to offer a selection of key retail lines. Abbottswood Park Pharmacy serves as a central provider to the local health hub and has a surgery next door.

Mr. Mehta said their decision to invest into the future of local pharmacy was is so important as pharmacy is changing. He firmly believes that working from innovation up requires a solid trusting relationship between the pharmacists and pharmacy design company and the team. He added, “We want to innovate and embrace the IT available in the present. We were please to note that Rapeed have been very good. To be truthful we would never gone anywhere else.”

A pharmacy truly is a reflection of the pharmacist; so when choosing a pharmacy design shop fitter, he concludes that you must always choose who understand “your vision of your pharmacy.”

Rapeed Design created three floor plan options that incorporated the robot, took in to consideration the local community needs and understood the requirements of the surgery. Working in partnership with the client we had to collectively ascertain what was required to maximize service, space and to make the business viable.

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