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Rapeed Design is an established UK based shop fitting company with the experience of delivering projects across different industries including - retail, residential, commercial or healthcare design. Services offered are design consultancy, shop fit out, shop fitting and refurbishments. We have an excellent understanding of space planning, interior design and furniture manufacturing.

Evolving Shop Fitting

Evolving Shop Fitting

The retail and commercial landscape is constantly evolving and it has been an interesting time for all shopfitting contractors to harness the changes. At Rapeed Design we have been able to progress and apply our shopfitting expertise throughout our practice over the years. Our clients have been critical in our journey and we are proud to have been a part of their shop fitting and refurbishment journey.

Evolving Shop Fitting

Design Advice

The basic principles of a shop fitting service is to offer good and constructive design advice, offer quality materials in the finishing of the project and be able to deliver on time. A more established company may even be able to offer finance solutions for a project, which is something we have been able to offer clients.

Evolving Shop Fitting

Finance Options

If you would like to discuss finance options as a part of your project we can assist with this. On your first consultation, which is free, this can be discussed with the retail design consultant. If you would like to discuss this before your consultation please feel free to call 020 8655 2020 and one of the team will be happy to help.

Evolving Shop Fitting

Core Services

As an experienced shopfitting contractor we like to ensure that we offer value for money solutions, good design and products that are brilliantly installed by skilled craftspeople and trades. We often advise clients to select the most cost effective options which are core elements of a refurbishment project that have long term viability.

Evolving Shop Fitting

Material Matters

Getting the best and cost effective design choices is key. Ensuring that your chosen shopfitting contractor discusses the design and material options with you is a really important part of the whole process. Working with an experienced shop fitting expert means you will save money long term and receive structured guidance that can be built into your own business plan or overall design vision.

Evolving Shop Fitting

Professional Services

Our clients have found working with us to design and develop their projects whether it be an office refurbishment, a new beauty salon or aesthetics clinic, there is absolute value in our service. The quality of the staff working on the project is just a important as the products and materials being used. An experienced shop fitting contractor should understand all regulatory factors relevant to your shopfitting or refurbishment plans.

Tips to consider

When seeking a shopfitting company to work with you on your project, there are many factors to consider and below are a few points to get you thinking:

Has the design given you
value for money

Working with a shopfitting contractor that has a holistic understanding of each process will be the best way to determine if the design is made up of cost effective options. This can mean you spend more on some items and opt for a less cost heavy product elsewhere.

Are the materials of
a good quality

We believe that discussing the quality of materials with a client from the outset is vital. There are companies that will choose to offer a lower specification of item if the budget is smaller and this can sometimes contravene building regulation practice. As a shop fitting and design expert in the field we ensure we are transparent in our service and the product quality.

What is their warranty or guarantee
on their products and services

The discussion about warranties and the guarantee of a shopfitting or refurbishment project has to start from the beginning. As a client you have a right to know what a shopfitting contractor will offer you after the project has completed.

Have all costs been

From the start of conversation it is incredibly helpful as a client to ensure all of the costs have been provided to you. There are companies that will secure a project and then fish for extras. There are absolutely instances when there will be a need to engage in discussions about extras once a project has started and this is linked to unforeseen circumstances, but the costs should be transparent.

Insurance and

You have a right to ensure that any shopfitting company that you engage with is adequately insured and whether they hold any industry accreditation and what qualifications their employees hold too.

Remember, shopfitting as a service is applicable to all sorts of projects including residential and commercial refurbishments. It is always useful to work with a company that is best placed to advise you, especially at times of uncertainty and it is also useful to go for the best option for you and your long term plans.

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