Retail Store design and shop fitting experts

With more than 25 years in the retail design and shopfitting industry, we have a service package to suit various budgets, clients and project types.

Now that you have secured the premises from where you will be setting up and running your business, you’re now looking to appoint a retail shopfitting contractor that can offer you a comprehensive service and an excellent end result.

You have come to the right place. At Rapeed Design we offer a range of retail shopfitting services that include retail design consultations, design and shopfitting brief development and focused pre -planning meetings to get your project right for you. Our clients have benefitted greatly from our effective design strategies. We are firm believers in sharing our knowledge of effective retail design and we always strive to bring this into all of our retail shop fit out projects.

At whatever stage we become involved in a project (the earlier the better) we can always ensure a seamless process led with thorough planning and communication. Our retail design services and how you use these can vary from project to project so there is not set programme, but we have found that a majority of our clients found that using most of our retail shopfitting services really helps to give them a focus and strong guidance for their shopfitting project.

Retail store design is an essential part of any retail store project and securing a contactor that understands all of the aspects of a design and fit out shopfitting project is vital. This is especially key if you have a set amount and have little or no budget for any costly changes or surprises. We are honest in our pricing approach and some do feel that we are often too expensive, however part of our retail design service is to give the client the best service and the best products and in many cases to be able to do this well – our service is not the cheapest.

We do however always ensure that we work to a set budget on a retail shopfitting project and we always deliver on time and within this agreed price. If there are any likely cost changes we always notify our clients first and work out the most cost effective option to manage the change in price.

As a leading retail shopfitting service company in the UK we have found that many of the cost changes for a shopfitting project usually occurs if the basic checks and surveys have not been carried out. These can include asbestos surveys, floor inspections and damp and rot inspections. We generally tend to include these costs in our prices to ensure that we can start the project and deliver a completed fit out.

During a retail shopfitting project we will fit all types of ceilings, flooring and lighting systems. We also offer a floor laying service, a full design and branding package. Our projects usually include retail shopfronts and signage design and installation.

We are always keen to take on unique projects and learn about new and different industries that we can bring our shop fitting expertise to. Rapeed Design’s work on these projects includes anything from offering a ceiling installation or new flooring.

Our committed teams can also offer a more inclusive service offering space planning, planning applications and building services. Every type of retail premises will benefit from our superior CAD and 3D design service. We can offer value for money solutions that are practical and also look the part.

Our fit out experience mean we are able to offer guidance on planning applications and building services. All in all, our shop fitting and retail design understanding allows us to service all type of projects including clothing stores, pop up shops or a gaming shop.

If you have a clear vision about your business and its brand and require our help to just fit out your store or if you need us to step in from group up and help create a concept, a brand and fully install this into reality, we can help by offering a shop fitting and retail design service.

If you are looking for some advise or would like to book a retail shopfitting consultation with one of our experienced team members, please call us today.

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Prime Factors Motorcycle Prime Factors Motorcycle

Prime Factors Motorcycles

Based in Redhill, the owner of Primer Motorcycles was keen to get a local company in to refurbish and carry out a motorcycle showroom fit out. The end result has been fantastic and we are pleased to have worked on this project to bring our client’s vision to life.

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Chaos Cards Chaos Cards

Chaos Cards

Gone are the days where gaming centres and shops were only for enthusiasts. Chaos Cards is a successful online gaming company that has opened up a popular and actioned-packed gaming centre in Kent. Keen to overcome stereotypes, the owners have seen the concept go from strength to strength since opening their doors to the public.

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The Bottle Shop The Bottle Shop

The Bottle Shop

The Bottle Shop concept works really well and our client has had a really good response from the customers. As a leading shop fitting company we were pleased to work on this project. Having a history of convenience and off license shop fitting we were able to use our understanding of shop fitting and combine it with modern design to create this concept.

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