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Gees Chemist

Pimlico, London
Size: 165 square feet between ground floor and basement
Timescale: 16 weeks
Scope of works
Basement tanking
Pharmacy design
Pharmacy shop fitting
Consultation room
DDA compliant
Treatment rooms
Epos systems
Bespoke pharmacy furniture
Bulkhead feature ceiling
Internal signage
External signage

Client Background

For more than 35 years the client was running a successful established pharmacy in a central London location and was serving a nearby GP surgery, offering a range of other services and a variety of retail lines. The GP surgery moved location and this meant that our client had to make a strategic business decision. He found a premises near the new surgery with a view to implement a services expansion plan and contacted Rapeed Design to undertake the pharmacy design and shop fitting. He had previously worked with us twice before and this was our third project together.

Points of note

The services expansion plan became key to add to the longevity of the client's pharmacy business portfolio. The client's established pharmacy had been offering many services including hypnotherapy, stop smoking, complementary fertility treatments andphysiotherapy which were all being well received. The popularity of these became a key factor in acquiring a new premises to handle the growing demand for these additional services.

Rapeed Design's outline for the pharmacy shop fitting project identified the need for a ground floor compliant consultation room. Furthermore the treatment rooms in the basement would also be medical grade specification to allow for more medicalised services in the future.

The immediate plan for the treatment rooms in the basement was to serve several holistic and complementary services, both private and NHS. Based on the success of the existing pharmacy the client already had a host of specialists waiting to rent these treatment rooms.

Our client decided on the main colour scheme but all other aspects were left to the pharmacy designers. The design brief was to create a modern open pharmacy with a basement dispensary and five consultation and treatment rooms to offer services.

The aim of the design was to create an open and inviting pharmacy space with a modern look but also give customers, patient users and staff a wow factor. The corner plot and large windows for the shopfront creates feeling of transparency but in line with the GPhC guidelines overall the 'privacy, dignity and confidentiality of patients and the public' would be adhered to.

A DDA compliant pharmacy counter with a concealed worktop flat that could be utilised when required is a part of the design. A grid ceiling with a feature bulkhead adds a focal point and creates dimension and levels which breaks the lighter colours and adds a bold green that is in-keeping with the pharmacy signage. The use of internal and external signage adds to the design making it more patient user friendly. To keep the shop floor clear and clutter free there has been minimum use of centrally located bespoke pharmacy furniture.

The decision was made to use tailored pharmacy shelves for sale items.Furthermore the client felt that the area would benefit from a more personalised service approach by making the pharmacist and pharmacy staff visible to walk-ins. The client wanted an open feel to encourage dialogue and face to face interaction with patent users.

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