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Kinton Pharmacy

Great missenden, Buckinghamshire
Size: 70 square metres
Timescale: 3 weeks
Scope of works
Building work
Pharmacy counter design
Dispensary design
Part refit
Pharmacy makeover
Pharmacy design
Shopfront & signage
Dispensary fit out
Listed building
Grade II listed
Ceiling and flooring
Pharmacy shelving

Client Background

The new owners of the oldest pharmacy in Buckinghamshire knew that an upgrade was overdue and the premises needed a makeover. With a budget in mind and being situated in an old building this would not be a simple project. The husband and wife team engaged Rapeed Design's specialist pharmacy shop fitting experts.

Points of note

Being the owners of what is known as Buckinghamshire's oldest pharmacy, was a big responsibility so any plans to carry out a pharmacy refit would be no small task. Kinton Pharmacy was first established in the mid-1700s and has since been serving the local community. Based in a village isat the forefront of pharmacy healthcare services.

As time has changed and with pharmacy practice evolving, the old pharmacy premises was not fit for purpose. With a cluttered shop floor and packed up windows the pharmacy was a mess. The clients only had one option to strengthen the pharmacy service and to make the business more viable.While the pharmacy was able to offer a good level of service there were efficiencies that were not being made due to the internal state.

Being situated in a grade II listed building the need to modernise the premises became pressing. Previously the dispensary was disorganised and the shop floor was cluttered. Despite the upbeat attitude of the pharmacy staff the working environment was not ideal.

Rapeed Design was able to offer a cost effective and practical solution to this pharmacy design and fit out project by offering a part refit. The pharmacy design had to be sympathetic to the surroundings and had to take into consideration the aesthetics. We worked with the client to ensure minimal disruption and were able to fit a new dispensary over an Easter weekend.

The previously untidy pharmacy was no longer to be seen once the new counter, pharmacy shelving and dispensary were fitted. The signage and shopfront were also a part of the design package with an on trend yet classic colour replacing the tired looking shopfront.

Not all pharmacy design and fit outs have to be extensive, we feel that every project is different and that updating and making good of an existing pharmacy space is usually an effective way of adding value.

Speaking about the pharmacy design and refit, in the featured video, the client said, 'The refit was really good. We had an amazing project manager and a really good team of builders so it was quite seamless'.

'Whenever you do a refit there are always going to be some issues or some problems to face especially in an old building like this, but we worked together so well that it didn't feel like a struggle.'

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