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Warman Freed

Golders Green, North West London
Size: 300 square metres
Timescale: 16 weeks
Scope of works
Heavy demolition
Lift installation
GP specification
HBN1 specification unit
staff area
project management
building works
office fit out
pharmacy fit out
Pharmacy designs and drawings

Client Background

Warman Freed is a long serving independent pharmacy based in North London. With 60 years of history serving the community the high street pharmacy was bought by a company specialising in over the counter medicines. The company's aim was to bring the pharmacy up to date by remodelling and to use it to gauge an understanding of the customer experience in a pharmacy setting. The pharmacy would operate as a normal opening for 365 days of the year from 8:30 am to midnight. After discussing the project with several shop fitting companies the team at Warman Freed realised that a specialist pharmacy design and shop fitting contractor would be able to provide guidance to achieve a successful pharmacy design and fit out.

Points of note

Warman Freed was set to become the UK's first community 'learning pharmacy'. At around 300 square metres in size the shop floor itself was of a bygone era. Made up of 40 lineal metres of counters the setup was proving to be restrictive with items obscured in glass cabinets and hidden. Ultimately the design and layout were no longer relevant. This coupled with a dispensary that was not fit for purpose, there was inadequate storage space and this itself would require more functionality to encourage growth. It became apparent that in its state the pharmacy required an overhaul. Warman Freed's pharmacy design and shopfit would make room for an efficient service provision for the local community.

Rapeed Design was pleased to be awarded the contract for the Warman Freed Pharmacy design, build and fit out. We understood the desired vision and were able to use our knowledge and service the whole project as the principal contractor by offering a full turnkey package. Rapeed Design was able to carry out the refurbishment work for the offices and staff room on the first floor.

The pharmacy brief was to create a modern, classic, functional pharmacy that would continue to serve the local community and allow for learning to take place.We wanted to bring a continental feel to the pharmacy design and create a setting where the customer is served on varying levels.

Rapeed Design appointed a dedicated team that had weekly meetings with the appointed team at Warman Freed. The meetings were to confirm finer details, offer guidance on key aspects to strengthen the function and purpose of the pharmacy design concept. The meetings aided discussion to gain a better understanding of the long term pharmacy aims. It became increasingly apparent that the dispensary had to move to the first floor, the existing dispensary had to be brought down to one level and become a part of the pharmacy shop floor.

We advised on future proofing the services facilities by designing and implementing one full size GP specification consultation room with changing facilities and one standard sized consultation room with a patient toilet.

To enhance the pharmacy's high street visibility the shopfront signage should be a prominent large projecting sign with Warman Freed featured twice, which should be put behind the glass so it remains clean and timeless. The flow and layout of the front of the shopfront should focus on cosmetics, perfume and skincare. These are key lines that Warman Freed was known for locally. The rear half of the pharmacy should be dedicated to health care lines with a large selection of over the counter shelves. To help the learning pharmacy function all the gondolas are placed on lockable casters to allow movement as and when required.

To show the pharmacy's history an engraved granite piece to pay homage to Warman Freed was designed into the shopfront.

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