Pharmacy design and refits

Are you thinking of ways to improve your pharmacy?

Considering a full pharmacy refit in the current climate can be a daunting thought for most pharmacy business owners. As a pharmacist you know your business best, you know the customers, the patient users, the area and the community being served. As a business owner only you know your vision for your pharmacy both commercially and even aesthetically. But even with all this knowledge how to reach the next step can feel like an uphill struggle resulting in critical decisions and related actions being put on hold.

When is the right time for a pharmacy design and installation?

The time never seems to right, but you know you have to do something. We find this with many of our clients who contact us initially with a view to start a refit in 6 to 12 months time, but when we begin discussing the finer details it becomes clear that now is the time. Especially as clients learn from our consultations that a full pharmacy refit is not the only answer to harness growth or to future proof a pharmacy.

Big is not always better, less can really be more.

Opting for a smaller change, but one that is equally as effective in a business sense and financially viable should, in most cases, be considered first. Deciding to change the dispensary layout, fitting in a new floor and ceiling or making space for a consultation room are all positive choices. We work with our clients to review the space both internally and externally. Remember that the façade and shop front is equally as important as the inside space. Simple measure such as effective signage, colour planning and merchandising within newly installed shelving solutions can add a totally new and vibrant dimension.

Refining the design – how to find out what is really needed.

When you are living and working in a space it can sometimes become challenging to see what changes are required to achieve maximum impact with a reasonable price tag. Part refits or pharmacy makeover solutions are packaged in many different ways, which can also be tailor-made to suit your pharmacy space, the business function and growth priorities and to achieve your vision. To determine what actions are required it is always useful to speak to a pharmacy design expert to receive current guidance and advice. Just as a full refit lasts around 12 to 15 years, a part refit can last up to 10 years if it has been well thought out and flawlessly installed.

Time is of the essence

We often get asked how long a part pharmacy refit can take, once the key decisions have been made the changes required can take a few days or weeks depending on the nature and scope of the works. The new installation is a part of the overall pharmacy setting almost immediately and the results are evident too – from the increase in staff morale, easier functionality, from comments and feedback from customers. Kinton Pharmacy, Buckinghamshire’s oldest pharmacy, is an example of a makeover project where key changes gave the whole pharmacy a much-needed facelift.

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