Shelving & Bespoke

As a leading pharmacy design shop fitting company, we understand shelving and especially pharmacy shelving and bespoke pharmacy furniture. Getting this right at the outset opens up many different ways to display products.

Decluttering messy retail lines is a positive step to help maximise the look of the pharmacy. In our pharmacy design consultation for full and part refit packages, we offer key solutions to tackle the age old problem of incorrect shelving sizes and offer solutions to enhance space for merchandise.

Effective pharmacy shelving is significant for not only showing off the keylines to offer but also for adding to the customer and patient experience. More importantly this is key to capturing more retail line sales. A pharmacy with clean shelving and correctly placed central gondolas makes the space feel more open and inviting.

There are many ways to display products, from the type of display systems used - to the location within the pharmacy shop floor. Our pharmacy shelving designs and layouts are produced by experts with years of experience. Once we have carried out our pharmacy design feasibility survey we can advise on the best suited option for your pharmacy business.

Clients may wish to consider a part refit option and can also benefit significantly and add value to the pharmacy business by opting for this. A member of our team would really like to hear from you if you would like to discuss your pharmacy design project with us or if you would like to book in a consultation.

By installing the right shelving for your products, you can maximise the selling potential of merchandise. We choose from a variety of different materials, finishes and colours to improve the way your customers shop and see your products, which makes the job of selling that much easier. A pharmacy is a business like no other and as such, has specific requirements.

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