Pharmacy dispensary & counters

Our understanding of pharmacies as a business helps to inform our pharmacy design thinking. A pharmacy dispensary layout and dispensary location is vital for an effective workflow.

Due to our wealth of experience in pharmacy design, we understand how pharmacists work and are aware of the challenges faced on a daily basis. Therefore our design and pharmacy fit out approach has helped many clients become efficient and maximise their pharmacy business potential.

The pharmacy dispensary design and flow has to meet working needs and combine client preferences. These are reflected in our pharmacy design layouts and furthermore in the pharmacy dispensary design that we create and fit out.

A good pharmacy dispensary layout is essential to maintain a positive and efficient workflow and maintain overall functionality. We understand that the pharmacy dispensary is subject to pharmacy legislation; with requirements for storage conditions, compulsory texts and equipment all specified to ensure the area is fit for purpose.

The dispensary and the pharmacy counter often work hand in hand and compliment each other in their function. A well thought through pharmacy counter design should meet the varying needs of community pharmacies and can positively contribute to the changing dynamic of the patient experience.

The pharmacy counter, as the focal point of any shop, is not just a pay point, it’s a key part of the business and has to provide multiple functions. As such, design and planning is essential to make the best use of space, ensuring functionality and form are seamlessly included. We also look closely at the ergonomics of the pharmacy furniture we design and suit this to the specifics of each individual pharmacy. We can offer more generic furniture but find that most of our clients wish to use our pharmacy design and consultation service, which focuses on a more tailored design approach.

Every business has different needs; hence we design every business from the ground up. Before we start any fitting or installation work, clients get to see exactly what the counter will look like and also see 2D drawings for the dispensary flow.

Clients with a modest budget may wish to opt for a minor refurbishment and refit package to install a new pharmacy dispensary, pharmacy counter and a consultation room which add significant value and is a cost effective solution.

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